Dear Me, I Forgive You

Of all the people we have the most difficult time forgiving, the person who often stands to be the most difficult to forgive is none other than ourselves. Sometimes we go through experiences that we wish we could take back; circumstances that a restart button could solve immediately. We may even have memories that make us want … Continue reading Dear Me, I Forgive You

Dear Future Me

I get pretty nostalgic during January. I mean, can you blame me? 2017 and I spent 365 days together. That's 8,760 hours or 525,600 minutes! If you prefer to be even more pretentious, that's 31,536,000 seconds. (Please feel free to check my math, but do me a favor and keep it on the down-low if my numbers are … Continue reading Dear Future Me

A Mosaic of Sorts: A Divine Conspiracy Comes Full Circle

In August, I had the awesome opportunity to speak to middle school students and leaders about the concept of being "Fearless". Coincidentally, "Fearless" is my personal focus for 2016 and I even wear a Giving Key around my neck with the word inscribed. While speaking to students about being fearless for their upcoming school year, I … Continue reading A Mosaic of Sorts: A Divine Conspiracy Comes Full Circle